You are unique and I want to help you celebrate that through designing a custom experience that will show a true reflection of who you are. I want to hear about what makes you, you. This can be as serious or as whimsical and comedic as you like.  With the information you give me I will create the perfect scene to represent who you are.
Let’s discuss possibilities!

 The Shoot  
Prior to the shoot we will set the location and plan of action, we will have discussed what you plan on wearing, and clear up any questions you have so we can set ourselves up for a stress free shoot! I don’t want you to worry at all about not knowing what to do, or how you look.  I am here to help direct and pose you when necessary, to talk through anything emotive we want to convey, and to help you feel at ease. It’s my job to show you in your best light and I will do just that!

Printing Your Photos
We are creating works of art for your home! These photographs are not only significant to you, but to those who love you dearly. This is why I’ve created packages perfect for displaying the artwork as well as sharing it. Seeing your portrait on display everyday will bring joy and add character to you home. I also know that sharing these photos with all friends and family is important so all digital files of prints will be included.

A Portrait shoot is 2050kr and includes:
-Personal consultation
-2-3 hour photo shoot
-Full retouching of your photos

*Packages below include all session fees
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