About Me

Hello and welcome! My name is Shannon and I am a Gothenburg based lifestyle/street photographer. When I was seventeen I moved to New York City to study art and design. During my time there I was exposed to a variety of cultures and traditions which emphasized my desire to travel and experience everyday life from different perspectives. So, in my cold, costly, Brooklyn apartment I thought of how wonderful it would be to live somewhere warm and inexpensive… so I moved to Sweden.
All kidding aside, Sweden ended up being the best fit for me and my family. Anticipating the move inspired me to purchase my first professional camera. I wanted to have the ability to beautifully capture moments in my life, both to share with my friends and family in the states and to immortalize my daily life as it evolves. Among photography I am wildly in love with my total ham of a dog, taking her for hikes, and traveling with her. I love quiet evenings in, cooking dinner with my partner and playing games. I’m ridiculously nostalgic, buffalo sauce is important, and Batman is rad. I almost always have my camera in hand and along with a strong passion to capture real life moments I also spend my time creating composites that play off of my imagination.
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